USMC considering replacing M4 carried by most of its infantry riflemen
Both service branches are considering setting aside the M16/M4 rifle platform in favor of a new rifle that offers more range and stopping power, potentially firing a different caliber bullet as well. The Corps is considering replacing the M4 carried by most of the branch’s infantry riflemen with the M27,... Read more
15 U.S. Marines injured during amphibious training at Camp Pendleton
A fire during an amphibious assault vehicle training session left 15 Marines injured on Camp Pendleton in California, U.S. military officials said Wednesday. The amphibious vehicle from the 1st Marine Division said caught fire during land-based training at 9:33 a.m. Those injured belonged to the 1st Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment and 3rd... Read more
Pilot error behind Marine Corps December Osprey crash off Okinawa
The Marine Corps says pilot error was to blame for an MV-22 Osprey’s crash-landing off Camp Schwab late last year. The Pilot error has said to be because the Osprey’s pilot flew 18 miles to shore but decided to put the tilt-rotor aircraft down into the sea rather than... Read more
U.S. Marine Corps Special Ops use freeze-dried plasma save foreign ally
Freeze-dried plasma has been used for the first time by U.S. Marine Corps Special Operations Command troops to help save a life. The plasma was used in battlefield trauma care in the Central Command area of operations when an allied soldier received life-threatening injuries, the Marines said. “I think it reassures... Read more
Marines investigate death of student at Camp Pendleton School
Camp Pendleton have launched dual investigations into the Aug. 30th death of a student at the School of Infantry. Camp Pendleton, Pfc. Michael Philomeno Giannattasio, 22, of Armada, Michigan, was found unresponsive during land navigation training on the Basic Reconnaissance Course, according to a written statement by the Corps’ Training... Read more
Marines Corps still trying to develop new Female Dress Blues Coat
In 2013, the Marine Corps began quietly testing a new look for female Marines at Marine Barracks Washington: a dress blues coat featuring a high, Mandarin collar. The Dress Blues, which hosts many dress occasions, including formal events and parades, eventually adopted male-style covers and jackets for female Marines on the... Read more
California Marine killed in Australia crash honored by law enforcement
LOS ANGELES — Various law enforcement agencies joined a procession for a Southern California Marine who died with two other service members in an aircraft crash in Australia earlier this month. He was Honored for being a goood example to the community, and his family. The 19-year-old from Los... Read more
9 victims of Marine plane crash being honored at New York air base
NEWBURGH, N.Y. — Nine Marine Corps aviators who were killed when their New York-based transport plane crashed in Mississippi last month will be honored during a memorial service at their former air base. The victims of the July 10 crash of the C-130 include nine crewmembers who served in... Read more
Remains of 3 Marines recovered in Osprey Crash near Australia
Three weeks after the Marine Corps called off a search for three Marines lost when an MV-22 Osprey crashed in waters off the east coast of Australia, officials said the remains of all three have been recovered and are on their way home. Killed in the Aug. 5 tragedy were 1st Lt.... Read more
Parris Island Muslim recruit death relevant in drill instructor court-martial
A military judge has denied an attempt by the attorneys representing a former Parris Island drill instructor at his upcoming court-martial to exclude evidence of a recruit’s death. Gunnery Sgt. Joseph A. Felix is accused of slapping recruit Raheel Siddiqui moments before he leapt to his death, and ordering... Read more