U.S. Army participate in Swedish military exercise Aurora 2017
The Swedish military forces and U.S. military personnel began participation today in Exercise Aurora 2017, a Swedish national exercise designed to strengthen regional defense capabilities. Swedish military exercise continues through Sept. 27 and will take place in Mälardalen, Stockholm, Gotland and Gothenburg, Sweden. It is the largest national exercise... Read more
NATO Russian military exercises appear to be preparation for a big war
A NATO military leader said this past weekend that Russia is conducting military exercises near its borders with eastern European NATO countries that appear to be “serious preparation for a big war. Gen. Petr Pavel, the head of NATO’s Military Committee, NATO wants to re-establish military-to-military communications with Russia... Read more
United Kingdom signs deal with Qatar for 24 Eurofighter Typhoon jets
Qatar said on Sunday it would buy 24 Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft from United Kingdom, bringing a much-needed boost to BAE Systems after a worrying lack of new orders for the fighter jet. During a visit to the Gulf state today, Sir  Michael Fallon from the United Kingdom and his... Read more
Four female U.S. tourists were attacked with acid in Marseille, France
 A woman was arrested Sunday after four female U.S. tourists were attacked with acid in the main train station in Marseille, France. Two of the four female tourists, who were traveling between Marseille and Paris, were hit in the face and the other two also were hospitalized with shock.... Read more
Russian airstrike wounds U.S. led Syrian Democratic Forces in Syria
Several Syrian democratic forces fighters were wounded by a Russian airstrike against positions held by the coalition Forces, a militia backed by the U.S.-led coalition in the fight against the Islamic State. The U.S.-led coalition said Saturday the strike was on a target east of the Euphrates River in Syria... Read more
French Government make changes to its Sentinel operations
PARIS — The French government is making changes to the military force that was created to protect sensitive sites after the deadly extremist attacks on France in 2015. French Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly said the number of troops involved in the Sentinel operation would remain at 7,000 under... Read more
UK police investigate reports of blast on London Parsons Green station
Heavily armed police rushed to an incident at a London underground station on Friday with local media reporting there had been an explosion on a train. A Reuters witness could see six ambulances, fire engines and a helicopter at Parsons Green station in West London where the Metro newspaper... Read more
Vladimir Putin launches Russian Zapad 2017 exercises in Belarus
The wait is finally over. Zapad 2017, a Russian-led strategic military exercise that has been the focus of Western anticipation and outright hysteria for months now, kicked off Thursday in Belarus. For the next week, all eyes will be cast just over NATO’s Eastern flank; Zapad will tell us... Read more
Over 15000 NATO Soldiers serving at home to protect local streets
NATO Soldiers armed patroling alongside pavement cafes and selfie-snapping tourists in European cities since jihadi attacks risks compromising deployments overseas, military leaders say. NATO Soldiers Belgium and major military power France, both active in EU and NATO missions, have cut back training to free up troops and NATO planners... Read more
Sweden with support of NATO allies holds biggest war games in 20 years
Neutral Sweden has launched its biggest war games in two decades with support from NATO countries, drilling 19,000 troops after years of spending cuts that have left the country fearful of Russia’s growing military strength. On the eve of Russia’s biggest maneuvers since 2013, which NATO says will be... Read more