What the White House Transgender Policy means to military families
Military Families you’ve heard about the recent drama from the White House regarding whether or not transgender troops can serve in the U.S. military. Military Families, but what does this mean for transgender military spouses, families with transgender kids, military retirees or family members of transgender troops? Here are... Read more
Trump sets 2.1 percent pay raise for troops Congress wanted 2.4 raise
WASHINGTON — White House officials on Thursday informed Congress of plans to cap the federal civilian pay raise at an average of 1.9 percent for 2018 and to limit the military pay raise to 2.1 percent, just below the expected mark of 2.4 percent. In a letter to House... Read more
Army to tighten BAH requirements and CID to investigate BAH Fraud
The Department of the has Army stepped-up efforts to increase accountability over military personnel funding now includes annual requirement to re-certify troop BAH allowances. In a memorandum that came out August 16th, the acting assistant secretary of the Army for manpower affairs Raymond Horoho, stressed the need to make... Read more
Federal backlog for background checks for than 700,000 applicants
The backlog is making the federal government struggle to conduct background checks on people seeking security clearances, creating a backlog that one industry group says encompasses more than 700,000 applicants. As of March, the backlog process for a top secret security clearance took more than 450 days to conclude,... Read more
Illinois now accepts military driving history for written part of CDL test
Drivers certified in the military to drive vehicles similar to a commercial motor vehicle can now skip the written portion of the exam to get a CDL license in Illinois. The announcement was made on Monday. The exemption should “help make it easier for our military veterans to find... Read more
Lockheed to hire 1,000 more workers for F-35 production in Fort Worth
Lockheed Martin is planning to hire 1,000 workers for F-35 Lightning II fighter production at its plant in Fort Worth, Texas. The company will hold a job fair on Aug. 29th seeking people skilled in electrical and structural assembly, aircraft mechanics and low-observable material coating. Low-observable or radar absorbent materials are a key... Read more
VA Program offers Europe based separating servicemembers jobs
Germany — A new program offering Department of Veterans Affairs jobs to servicemembers leaving active duty is now accepting applicants for a Europe-based training course. Previously only available in the United States, the pilot program offered by the VA and the Soldiers for Life office allows servicemembers across Europe... Read more
Panasonic Tesla looking to hire military veterans of all ranks in Nevada
Panasonic is actively looking to hire veterans to work in the Panasonic battery cell-making operations within Tesla’s newly constructed Gigafactory, located in Sparks, Nevada. The lithium-ion battery cells Panasonic produces in this operation are then integrated by Tesla into high-energy output battery modules to power Tesla model Electric Vehicles.... Read more
What happens to Family members living abroad during a Base evacuation
About 30 percent of the military’s more than 2.7 million spouses and family members live on bases worldwide, experts say. A recent statement from North Korea towards the U.S. territory of Guam, home to about 160,000 U.S. residents and about 13,000 troops and military families at two military installations, threatened... Read more
Service members here’s how to keep your credit up with your Credit Card
No matter the economic climate, a strong credit score can be an integral part of staying financially secure. For many service members, determining exactly what has an impact on their score can be a daunting task. One thing is for sure: credit cards can and do impact your credit... Read more